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Leadership Development; Unterstützung bei Entwicklungs- und Veränderungsprozessen, SGC Simone Giesen Consulting Zürich

Consulting for organizations

A new reality caused by digitalization, advancing globalization and much more challenges organizations. Traditional management methods and formal structures are increasingly reaching their limits; new approaches and solutions are needed for organizations to successfully master the transformation, its complexity and emerging crises. Strategy development, organizational consulting are only a part of the palette. I support you in the development processes that are crucial for success. Please contact me for more information.

Organizational development offering–overview

Strategy development,vision,mission for the Executive Board

Consulting, workshops, and seminars

  • Strategy development incl. human resources strategy

  • Development of vision and mission for the company or specifically for human resources management

Cultural Transformation & Change-Management

Workshops and seminars

  • Strategy implementation 

  • Transformation processes

Effective team building and development

Workshops and seminars

  • Increase transparency

  • Establish team culture with team spirit and focus on success

  • Optimize communication and cooperation and thus 

  • sustainably increase team performance.


Simone Giesen telefoniert; Organisationsentwicklung, SGC Simone Giesen Consulting Zürich

Customer Feedback

«Very good structure, varied exercises, technically sound, appreciative. Thank you very much for your exciting explanations on the topic of "healthy management", it gave me a lot of insights!»

Customer Munich

«Only those who are in good contact with themselves and treat themselves with appreciation can lead themselves and others in a healthy way.»

Simone Giesen

Simone Giesen blickt in Kamera; Organisationsentwicklung, SGC Simone Giesen Consulting Zürich
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